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21/06/2015 10:37:47 / oneil940 Comentários

The hobbit series:REVIEWED

When talking about the hobbit film series,one cannot just forget how entertaining it was.Yet still it does not fit the era of mordern movies.Many movie raters will perhaps rate it much higher among it equal in terms of box office success and among others.But talking about mordern era movies,at least youths and perhaps admirers of this site and blog will agree wiith me that it lacked one thing "pleasuring viewers sexual means"Not long ago I quite rmmember how a fan of th movie just said 'GIVING IT A 10 WILL BE WRONG BUT IT IS A NIC MOVIE" BUT why the BUT? It didn't fufill the trend of modern movies.For me and I think all viewrs of this site,at least aone or two scene like this


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